Experience The Landmark Event Dubai Expo 2020

The world expo 2020 is barely two years away. The United Arab Emirates won the chance to be the host of the greatest extravaganza “The world Expo 2020”.  In November 2013 UAE received majority votes and obtained the right to host this prestigious event in Dubai.

The preparations for the exhibition are at full speed. The new projects that include Dubai Canal, Dubai Frame, and Dubai Eye will be opened soon for the public during the exhibition. Many nations from all over the world will participate in the expo and showcase their entertainment, industrial, scientific and technological innovations.  It is going to be the first time when the world expo will be held in the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa.

The first world expo:

The world expo is one of the most enduring and greatest global mega-events. The first world expo was staged in the year 1851. Since then it is held every five years and continues for six months. International businesses, organizations, and nations take part in this mega event. Millions of people take part in the exhibition and explore pavilions. Hundreds of participants take part in cultural activities. The world expo attracts millions of people who come to see innovations and cultural performances.

Dubai Expo:

The world expo Dubai is expected to see millions of people from all over the world in 2020. The exciting thing is that it will be the first time when the majority of visitors from overseas will be attending the mega exhibition. The theme selected for the event is “connection minds, creating future.” Dubai has been a center of attraction for foreign investors for a few decades, and now the mega exhibition will serve as a channel to connect minds from around the world.

From 20 October 2020 to 10th April 2021 Dubai will attract 25 million people. Dubai has constructed a whole new city where the event will take place. The opening and ending ceremony will be fun to watch so; do not miss it if you have a plan to be there.

Importance of Dubai:

The world expo 2020 is set to boost the global reputation of the United Arab Emirates. The senior vice-president of commercial at Expo 2020 Dubai stated that the Dubai expo 2020 would indeed be a global event as they will be working with the world’s most innovative companies. Twenty-five million people will visit Dubai during the exhibition that will have an economic impact.

As far as the economy of Dubai is concerned after winning bid, there was an increase of 4% on the Emirates stock exchange. The exhibition will boost the real estate and tourism industry. More than 270000 jobs will be created, and the best part is that the demand will receive a significant boost in various sectors of the economy.

The impact of the world expo 2020 will be long term on the economy of the UAE. The event is likely to attract foreign investment in Dubai and UAE across various sectors that include hospitality, real estate, education, retail, technology, healthcare, tourism, and manufacturing. Dubai has already grabbed the attention of the world, and everyone is looking forward to the mega event in 2020.

Apart from the economic importance of the world expo, it will provide the most excellent opportunity for people from all across the world to visit Dubai and witness different cultural and activities. The infrastructure is outstanding and once the event finishes those building will be reused. There will be new hotels for the guests who will come to the exhibition from all over the world. In fact, Dubai Expo is going to be a successful event.