Aluminium foil pouch

Know about the Aluminium foil pouch Advantages

You have decided to buy ถุงฟอยด์ for your business, we advise you to personalize them with your corporate image.

It is best to add the name of your company and products services to the printed paper bags, as it can help introduce your companies and your brand.

However, it is important to choose an appropriate size and find the correct shape of this bag. They can be used for bulky suits, dresses, clothes or accessories. For this reason it is important to check what your store or business really sells so as not to err in the decision.

Companies try to make their customers happy and the bags are designed to pack the goods that people buy. This product must be designed with your brand or label printed on it, as well as other relevant information, such as the company logo. This way you can help promote your sales. Buyers can see the address of the store, their schedules or the services that your company offers, all in just an instant just by looking at one of their printed paper bags.

Aluminium bags have many applications such as food. Buyers can choose from a wide range of ink colours to customize any colour of paper bag: kraft, white or dyed. They are reusable, biodegradable, and friendly to the environment, low cost and a sensible way to use the bags. They are perfect for food and other products.

Aluminium foil pouch Advantages:

The material of the aluminium sheet has brightness, and the investment capacity is strong, and a good barrier, and airtight and resistant to moisture, strong adaptability to temperature, good opacity, excellent moisture-proof performance, so Aluminium foil bags have good resistance to moisture, barrier and light.

  • And AL cans 100% away from light.
  • The humidity of the bags of pure aluminium foil, cooling is better than aluminium foil (VMPET)
  • But the price is cheaper than pure aluminium.

Aluminium foil bags can be used for food packaging, General is used to package meat products, and dry and dry aquatic products, and duck, and roast chicken and pork, and frozen foods, and ham, and products of bacon, and sausages. And cooked meat, and pickles, and hummus, and seasonings, and quality, safe taste, and safe colour.

Characteristics of aluminium foil pouch:

Characteristics of aluminium foil bags are as follow:

1, strong air performance barrier, and anti-oxidation, and resistant to water, and moisture.

2, strong mechanical performance, high anti-blasting performance and strong anti-puncture anti-tear performance.

3, resistance to high temperature (121) and cryogenic resistance (-50 ℃), and resistance to oil, and good performance of insurance incense.

4, non-toxic tasteless, meet the food, and the health standard of packaging of medicines.

5, Good performance hot sealing oil bags, and softness, and good high barrier performance.

Main product is the foil food packaging bag are as below.

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